Just as Bergs are natural enemies to the Borgs, Bergums escalate this enmity to greater levels. They are known to outright track down and bully Borgs, and appear to truly relish making them miserable.

Much like when they were Bergs, Bergums strive to undo the damage caused by Borgs and their ilk, but it’s not out of truly pure altruism. Just as Borgs delight in causing trouble and harm to everything and humans in particular. Bergums enjoy nothing more than trampling all over these efforts. In fact, Bergums are mirrors reflecting the Borgs’ antics and malice right back at them, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

While largely similar to the Berg in appearance, there are differences. Bergums sport wavy, hair-like ice on their heads and wield a shield decorated with blue crystals. They are able to formulate plans and tactics, and on very rare occasions, Bergums will band together in small, rag-tag groups to hunt and punish whatever Borgs they may come across.

Still, whether their intentions are pure or not, Bergums have earned a favourable reputation among those who have encountered them. Generally light-hearted, boastful, and flashy in disposition, they make for quite the companion on any journey, as long as one doesn’t mind the occasional cheeky snowball flying one’s way. Those lucky enough to share a bond with a Bergum consider it a small price to pay for having a helpful friend.

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