Shelkjets largely serve the same purpose as Shelkers, coming together in great numbers to purify water from pollution or even algal blooms. However, they’ve gained articulated arms, each having one hand with three fingers and their power coils have moved into the palms of these hands. Their bodies are bigger as well, with the eyes placed on top of it rather than at the front, giving them a much greater field of vision.

What gives them their name is that they can use the coils in their hands to create jets of water, either by drawing in surrounding water when submerged or by transporting some within their bodies for whenever they leave the water. With these jets, they can give themselves great bursts of speed when in the water and even perform a powerful jump when on land, though they don’t seem to be able to carry enough water for more than a handful of these leaps.

Their form already makes them decent climbers, and the addition of this ability to jump means that they can reach even the most inaccessible springs and lakes, although the very nature of their inaccessibility means that they rarely need to be cleaned up. Regular Shelkers won’t join in on such expeditions, but Shelkjets will regularly work alongside Shelkers in the open seas, rivers and lakes of Nova Thera.

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