Hubb-L/Cs are mechanoform Pixelmon that share a few traits with the Hubb-L, namely their faceless appearance and an overwhelmingly orange colour scheme. However, while the Hubb-L has fairly fine graspers well-suited to delicate work, Hubb-L/C’s reinforced body and massively strengthened arms allows it to carry a tremendous amount of material or work on larger, heavier projects.

In The Steelyards, Hubb-L/Cs sort the larger items brought in by the various R7N3s, seemingly categorising them for future use. They place them in appropriate piles, and the parts they use to repair the internals of other mechanoforms are kept in a safe, dry location. Little is known or understood about these parts other than that they’re fragile, and clearly, the mechanoforms are well aware of this.

Another key differentiating property of theirs is that the prong-like arms surrounding their central eye are longer and jointed, allowing them a greater degree of flexibility. Thanks to these, the Hubb-L/C can carry even more than what their true arms might be able to hold, though this is usually restricted to larger, single pieces rather than piles of smaller items.

Though all of these increased capabilities come at the cost of more weight, making it a slower and more ponderous flyer than the Hubb-L. Clearly, the two work well in tandem, dividing work between them depending on their ability to carry it out.

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