Sometimes referred to as Greater Bruizers, it’s easy to see why. They are supported by a more substantial mass of sand, with their faces surrounded by a striking collar that instantly sets them apart from any regular Bruizers that might be nearby.

The difference is far from merely cosmetic, as the amount of sand in their form somehow makes them more powerful than its smaller kin. And since they have had more practice, they tend to be more accurate when throwing even bigger rocks at their even more unfortunate targets.

In short, while they tend to be peaceful, it’s definitely for the best to ensure that you don’t give one a reason to start chucking stones at you. That won’t end well. In fact, the phrase, “Struck out of the blue” supposedly originates from people having unwittingly disrupted Bruiztons and their kindred, only to be struck by these rocks out of nowhere.

Thankfully, Bruiztons are chiefly concerned with maintaining the lands in which they live. As they never sleep, they can work night and day if something requires their attention and strength. They can reshape broken shorelines and prevent future landslides by anchoring the loose material, among other things.

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