When Rahzers gather to march in their formations like legions of flame and steel, they do so with a Rahvager heading up that formation. These marshals of fiery wrath add potent intellect to their already significant strengths, able to direct Rahzers with near-military precision.

This has only fuelled the debate on whether or not Rahzer’s kin are spirits or mechanoforms, with strong arguments on both sides. Some say that their coordination is proof of something like Hazerdus’ communication, while others argue that the spirit’s magic allows it to exert such control. Whatever the case may be, those who have seen such an imposing sight often fail to find words to do it justice.

Just as with Rahzer, Rahvagers are held in high esteem in the eyes of the Triumvians. After all, with Rahzers being a status symbol as they are, anyone who can show a bond with a Rahvager one-ups them quite handily in that respect. Regardless of whether or not they are true spirits or some form of construct, they’re treated with respect and dignity. This is reflected in art and song, and despite not being overly common in the real world, they’re a distinct recurring theme.

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