Embercowls hone their skills and prowess, mastering them with every spar and battle. Even outside of combat, they rarely let time go to waste, always practising at something, content to sit on their laurels and stagnate.

This constant drive for self-improvement is an inspiring image among the Triumvians, who value the idea of perfecting a craft or skill, whatever it may be. Seeing someone bonded with an Embercowl is taken to be a sign that the individual seeks to be their best self in some way. A noble goal shared among many. It does not mean that those without an Embercowl partner lack this drive, but it is a clear visual identifier of it.

Apart from this significance and the differences in form between a H.0.0.D and the Embercowl, they still share the same core motivation and joys, seeking challenging sparring partners and opponents to test themselves, never allowing potential failure to discourage them. Failure is a lesson, and Embercowls are fast learners. They rarely need to be taught the same lesson more than once.

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