Just as Slyths are believed to be servants of the Behemoths, so too are the Slythiss. Generally larger and longer than a Slyth, the Slythiss are still sleek creatures with an affinity for stealth and sneaking around, despite their shiny gold and red gemstone.

More elegant and bedecked in even more gold, including a crest behind their heads, than their less significant kin, Slythiss hold some form of authority over regular Slyth. While Slythiss are quite happy to use this authority to coerce Slyth to hunt on their behalf while they lay basking in the sun, the fact that they’re unwilling to hunt if they don’t have to doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of doing so. It appears that they are firm adherents of the ideas of working smarter, not harder.

While this may cause them to come across as entirely self-centred, this is almost entirely true. Sometimes, they’ll go out of their way to lend a hand, or rather a fang, to Slyths in need, and whenever they’re in the presence of a Behemoth, they seem to put more effort into emphasising their less selfish traits. Whether or not that’s from a genuine urge to better themselves or just a cheap piece of manipulation to make them seem better than they are, that’s up for debate.

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