Arachneae take the spider-like form of the Arachni and transform it into a taller shape with a new set of arms, each sporting a powerful pincer. Disturbingly, one of these pincers seems to have eyes of its own, as if it’s a second head with a fanged maw attached to an arm rather than a mere claw. The other pincer shows no signs of anything like this, making the whole thing even more puzzling.

Strangely, some of the creature within the central icy body of the Arachneae is exposed to the elements, two eyestalks protruding from its grinning head. Just as Arachni, however, they never melt, no matter how hot their surroundings. Some wonder if the crystalline body is even necessary at all, as the spirit inside doesn’t appear to need it to maintain its form. Others wonder if that head-like claw is, in fact, a future Arachni, waiting to form its own creature in time.

Arachneae also possess the ability to create a durable, crystalline material. They can shape it in many different ways, and this has come in very handy for the Triumvirate, who rely on Arachneae to create the crystal coverings that seal their canals, preventing accidents where someone might fall into a lava channel.

There is understandably much confusion and disagreement around the Arachneae and its kindred spirits. Some revere them, some detest them, and others regarding them with careful apprehension. The question is whether or not Aracheae has truly done anything as a species to deserve such a mixed opinion. While they look somewhat unsettling and are difficult to comprehend, they remain a fairly peaceful lot that tends to keep to themselves.

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