Arachni are crystalline creatures, standing like a spider but on a mere four legs. Essentially the icy equivalent of the Goloid, the translucent bodies of the Arachi reveal a small, segmented body at the centre of their torso.

This smaller body is composed of four to five segments encased in the largest crystal, and it’s the head of this body within a body that has a pair of purple, glowing eyes. These frigid Pixelmon live in each of the world’s glaciers and sometimes even sail the world as hitchhikers on massive icebergs. What happens to these intrepid sailors as their ice ships melt is anyone’s guess, but given that they can float it’s assumed that they float until they find a new home.

Likely a result of the magic that formed and maintains them, Arachni don’t melt even when they stray into hot environments. On rare occasions, they can be found near volcanoes, more commonly so if the volcano itself has glaciers along the slopes.
As beings of magic and ice, Arachni don’t eat, drink, sleep or tire. As they have no prey to hunt and no plants to eat, they don’t compete for the resources that are already scarce as it is around their preferred habitats. This means that they frequently live alongside other Pixelmon who simply leave them alone, as the Arachni aren’t a threat to their own food supply.

Generally peaceful, Arachni usually gather in groups of fifteen or more, and in the cases of the roaming icebergs a single one can hold hundreds or even thousands of Arachni as it sails across the oceans. It’s thought that this is how the Arachni originally spread, and that they have a single source behind their creation that they then radiated out from via these icebergs.

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