Foxetaceans are the fulfilment of the potential that lies in the good heart of every mischievous, deceitful Foxphin. They are more robust in build and possess far more powerful tails for more efficient swimming. They are easily self-sufficient enough to no longer need or desire to steal the catch of human fishermen. Being able toconfidently venture into deeper water further from shore than any Foxphin ever would, they can access a more plentiful supply of prey.

Foxetaceans have been known to compensate those they stole from as Foxphins, and those who are compensated in such a manner can sometimes form life-long friendships with wild Foxetaceans. In this rather odd sense, a fisherman may find themselves effectively adopted as one of their own.

However, this change in character hasn’t made the Foxetaceans any less playful or michevious than their Foxphin selves were. Those included in these family groups are not entirely safe from their shenanigans, though they are always harmless, if perhaps slightly annoying.

Just as fundamental a change shifts them toward a more honest approach to fighting as well. While they still use tricks and ploys to gain the upper hand where they can, they will no longer outright feign death in order to land a cheap hit. While some of the stigma surrounding Foxphin lingers to the Foxetaceans, they are slowly earning the trust that Foxphin squandered.

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