The Cephaqueens are the reason why humans don’t eat Killamari or any of their lineage, and release them whenever they’re caught as bycatch in their nets. What was just a faceless invertebrate in Killamari grows into something with a face far too similar to that of a human for any well-adjusted person to even consider eating them, or by extension, the Killamari.

Their faces have big, curious eyes, and they tend to drape themselves in their tentacles as if they were robes. Atop their heads sits a diadem studded with sapphires, and with these curious eyes and their keen minds they discover the world’s oceans, communicate with its creatures and uncover its secrets.

Strangely, the Cephaqueens don’t appear to need to eat, or at least, they’ve never been seen to hunt. It’s believed that their only actual hunger is that of knowledge, and that learning things is what sustains them. This belief is particularly common among the Waveborne, who regard them as fonts of wisdom to be respected and treated with generosity and kindness.

It’s partly due to the Cephaqueens that the Waveborne of times past were inspired to chart a new course for themselves, seeing proof from the very oceans themselves that the more you have, the more you have to share, just as the Cephaqueens seem to share what they know with the denizens of depths.

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