Packs of Wufflers are often led by two Flowuffs, this older and wiser pair knowing their way around the plains. Still curious and friendly, even if their exuberant energy has simmered down a little, their greater experience tempers them into good leaders for their Wuffler kin.

Physically, the floral aspects of the Wuffler become more pronounced, the buds on their tails sprouting and their petal-like collars around their heads growing to frame their faces to an even greater extent.

Other than their expanded knowledge, the traits that make Wufflers such treasured companions are all still there in Flowuff. Kind and sociable, they’re easy to get along with and will happily interact with both humans and other creatures. If anything, their empathetic instincts seem to only develop further with time, blossoming alongside their floral forms.

Being natural pack leaders, Flowuffs are fiercely protective of their pack. While they’re capable of great feats of courage when the need arises, their wits generally allow them to avoid the worst situations in the first place. Strangely, these protective tendencies do not lead them to be excessively territorial, and they’re known to amicably share the lands they roam with other packs.

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