Aquadog is, in many ways, like the older sibling of AK-9. A little calmer and more refined, but by any other standard, it is still an energetic animal that builds strong social connections with others of its kind and even humans. Its love for games and play is just as strong as ever.

Other than its size, the Aquadog’s key distinctive feature is that it is wreathed by more of that magically bound water, which has grown opaque. No one knows why it changes hue and transparency, though some think it is a sign of their greater maturity.

Sometimes, they’ll assume the role of pack leaders for groups of AK-9s, leading them on hunts and in play. They might chase the smaller ones around in a game of tag, which the AK-9s seem to enjoy endlessly. Since they are so much faster than humans, playing such a game with them is a bit pointless, but among their own kind, it is not a problem.

Like the AK-9s, Aquadog is a powerful swimmer as well, though it too avoids deep or open water. They’ll happily venture further inland, but never so far that they can’t reach a body of water in less than a day’s steady travel. Another thing they maintain is their dislike of all things Byrus, generally unable to get along with them.

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