Lunaful’s magic has only ever grown stronger, carried across land and sea by unseen forces, its path seemingly always lit by the light of the moon. Even on the rare occasions when one is seen during the day, the light surrounding them seems cold and pale, as if the warmth of the sunlight had been exchanged for the cold reflection of moonlight.

Lunaful bears the mysterious runes as Luna, but is distinguished by the unique golden headdress, floating above their head, and their arms. Each arm has a metal hand with three rectangular fingers and a thumb, and despite being made of metal, these fingers can bend and flex, making the Lunaful surprisingly capable when interacting with complex objects.

Lunaful dons a cloak lined with a purple hue and brilliant, glinting stars, the envy of any human tailor. Many have tried to learn the secrets behind this cloth, but none have succeeded in replicating it. Every attempt has simply been an unworthy imitation that pales in comparison with the real thing.

Another distinct change is seen in their eyes, where the crescents of Luna are replaced by partially obscured, almost full moons. Why this creature has such a connection to the moon, or why it clearly grows stronger as they transition from one form to the other, is a mystery, a compelling and beautiful one at that.

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