Surrounded by the same questions, mysteries, and intrigue as the Qwerties, Uiops sport the same strange switches and dials as the Qwerties do, with similar friendly faces and glyphs from languages lost to time.

Driven through the air by four propellers rather than the Qwerty’s two, they’re reasonably agile in the air, and the addition of proper legs, unsurprisingly, allows them to stand. While this may not sound like a hugely important thing, it really is.

Where a Qwerty may struggle to find a safe place where it can rest without risk of falling, the Uiop’s legs and the strange visor on top of its head allows it to stand perfectly vertical and still rest and recover, all without turning its face toward the sun. This means that despite being generally bigger, they need less space to rest and are less dependent on flat, stable surfaces. They still prefer elevated locations, but now they have access to a much broader selection.

Another distinct difference is that unlike the Qwerty’s set of sharp, grasping claws, Uiops have hands with five digits, not entirely unlike the hands of most humans. With these, they interact with the switches and mechanisms of ancient systems and other mechanoforms alike, particularly those who seem to have been struck by a strange illness. After a short while, the sick seem to be cured, and no one knows how or why.

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