True to their Boo roots, Boodecepts love nothing more than to mess with the living. As the tribes adventure through the world, seeking trinkets, relics of the past, and new wealth, some Boos pick up on this and create elaborate cons to deceive them into seeking treasure that doesn’t truly exist.

Originally, they’d leave large, important-looking chests of dubious treasure in difficult-to-reach places, placing a breadcrumb trail of actually enticing yet not truly valuable items along the path or placing a crude map where it might be found. Ultimately, anyone seeking this treasure would finally find the chest, only to discover that it contains all manner of discarded trash, both ancient and new, and all equally worthless.

These days, however, most adventurers are aware of this trick and won’t fall for it. Boodecepts, however, have figured out that they can simply put stuff in the chest and carry it with them, and then place that stuff in other, less suspicious ways to achieve the same result of hilarious inconvenience.

And of course, while the bold adventurer seeks this supposed treasure, the Boodecept sneaks into their home and nabs one single piece of gold or precious metal, if it can find it. Never more, never less.

Physically, however, they’re more distinct from Boo. While they share the same white colour, Boodecept is larger with far bigger arms, each bedecked with gold and lined with golden claws. Just like Boo, it seems to have only one true eye, but where Boo had two eye sockets, Boodecept, for some reason, has three.

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