Inferknights are believed to be the embodiment of the phrase “the flames of war”. They wield peculiar, bladed weapons, and are armoured across the head, hands, and pauldrons. They are vaguely humanoid in shape, though they lack legs or arms and go to battle with a callous smirk on their faces.

Just like Inferno, Inferknights are harbingers of destruction and change, as their flames ignite both forests and fields. They take pleasure in ensuing firestorms, dancing with glee and duelling others of their kind amidst the raging fires. At times, Infernos appear to follow the will of nearby Inferknights, resulting in hellish scences of Infernos joining an Inferknight on a fiery rampage.

If Inferno is abhorred among the Lifetenders, then Inferknights are absolutely loathed. They exhinit no sign of attaining a higher purpose or striving for any goal greater than destruction for its own sake, extinguishing both the past and the future’s potential with complete disregard. It is difficult to say whether this is due to genuine malice or merely a lack of understanding the consequences of their actions, but the outcome is the same either way.

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