Sharperl’s strikingly beautiful patterns aren’t the only thing in their favour. These strong and crafty predators are capable of delivering powerful bites with wickedly sharp teeth. No longer pack hunters, each Sharperl must thrive on their own, a feat they certainly succeed at.

Found in every ocean and often along any coast, Sharperl uses its keen senses to track prey both in the water and on land, honing in on a single scent with greater accuracy than most other animals. When on the hunt, they slowly track their prey, setting an ambush once they’ve located them. Then, with a short but violent burst of speed, they slam into their target, teething into them with ferocious violence, and usually, that’s the end of it, as abruptly as it started.

Despite being savage and brutal hunters, they’re not mindless, dumb beasts. They seem to be as intelligent as AK-9’s lineage, capable of picking up on and learning new behaviours quickly. When their preferred ambush hunting style is impractical, they can come up with new, inventive ways to hunt, sometimes even breaking away from their usual solitary tactics to form pacts with others. Clearly, there’s a lot going on in the mind behind those brilliant teeth.

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