Nethratines take the jewelcrafting ability of the Nethras to the next level, likely thanks to their doubled brainpower. Nethratines have two heads, each adorned by stunning amethyst crests. Their greater size allows them to access larger gem deposits, and their two mouths enable them to hold a gem in place while the other head carves it with their teeth.

Like the Nethras, they’re not fully aquatic and require air, but they prefer to remain underwater or near it. Being larger, Nethratines have fewer predators to worry about and can dominate a small stream by themselves.

However, few things are foolish enough to hunt Nethratines for food. With their two heads, each possessing its own sharp intellect, they’re difficult to ambush. In battle, two viciously bladed maws must be contended with, along with all the razor-sharp edges of their gemstone decorations. Perhaps it is best to admire the Nethratines from a safe distance, as there are numerous tales of hapless individuals lured by the irresistible allure of glinting crystal.

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