Krawarrior transitions from a quadrupedal to a bipedal animal, with the Krawler’s front legs turning into arms. It doesn’t stand completely upright, and can drop on all fours to run faster if needed.

Unsurprisingly, the metal armour adapts with the animal. The armour on its head shifts, revealing a fanged mouth and adding a horned crest to the helm. Its chest, now more exposed in its standing position, gains a robust chestplate to offer even more protection than the armour of a Krawler.

An added benefit of the Krawarrior’s new stature is that its powerful arms can deliver some truly vicious swipes and strikes. A surprising feature to many opponents is that the horn is not just a horn, but a sort of natural gun with which the Krawarrior can attack from a distance.

Simply put, Krawarrior is truly born and shaped for battle. It is fortuate that the same odd chivalry that limits Krawler is present within Krawarrior too. They refuse to start a fight that they view as unfair in their favour, instead seeking those that can challenge them. If something is silly enough to pick a fight with the Krawarrior, well, the Krawarrior is not liable for the consequences, which are often severe indeed.

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