Hazerdus sets itself apart from the regular Hazerd, featuring better arms, and its segmented body allows it to move its arms independently from its head. This means it can look around and identify what needs working on next while finishing the task it already started working on. In other words, these mechanoforms are even more helpful and effective workers than the Hazerds, spending their time rendering unsafe areas safe for humans and other creatures alike.

Just as with the Hazerds, Hazerduz tends to work alone. But whenever they come across a problem that they simply cannot deal with by themselves, some form of wordless, soundless call summons others to assist the one who found the problem, and they work together with perfect coordination. Strangely, it doesn’t appear that Hazerduz’s are necessarily of a higher rank than any nearby Hazerdz. There is no show of dominance, and no struggle to establish any kind of hierarchy. They simply come together, fix what needs fixing, and then the group disperses again.

Some see this as an aspirational goal, an example of what can be achieved when differences are put aside for the greater good. It has sparked more than a few philosophical debates over the years, and doubtlessly many more in the future.

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