Sometimes known as the Golden Voices or Goldbearers, the Titanoths are gargantuan even compared to the Behemoths. These titans of muscle, scale and gold know almost no equal and one of the only things that can outmatch them for sheer size and physical might are the [Redacted]. From their backs grow irregular, crystal-like deposits of purest gold, the same golden hue covering the incredibly touch scales armour their throats and the membranes of their wings.

To see one fly, catching the sun or moonlight with its golden form, is a sight only a very lucky few can tell stories about. Few have ever seen even a Behemoth fly, and a Titanoth is in a league of its own compared to them. It can land with earth-shattering force, some believe that Titanoths and [Redacted of ages past are responsible for creating the valleys and craters of the world, marking their domain and obliterating whatever might threaten it.

Curiously, they can also move with remarkable gentleness. Whenever they’re among forests, they seem to have an almost supernatural ability to find routes between the trees that are wide enough to allow them passage without breaking or damaging them. It’s likely that these Wealdtrails were, in fact, created by each Titanoth walking along certain paths throughout its life, gradually engraving their path through the woods. What truer mark of lordship could one ask for than to have the very world itself adapt itself to you, rather than the other way around?

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