Harrow operates much like Ghastly, often picking a place to haunt and haunting it for years on end. Somehow even more unpleasant to look at, simply catching a glance of it is enough to send a shiver down the spine and burn the image into memory. What was an uncanny green flame is now an upwelling of distortion trapped in a fanged maw, muttering in a muted cacophony of indistinct voices.

As for the body of the Harrow itself, its stitched mouth is always grinning, exposing the same uncanny, green glow that shines through its wicked, unblinking eyes. Some believe that Harrow is, in fact, what awaits those who were cruel or unjust in life, forever trapped in the fiery grasp of the Harrow. It’s hardly a belief shared by everyone, but the sheer strangeness of Harrow makes it sound uncomfortably plausible.

The oddity doesn’t stop there. The flame doesn’t actually seem to burn anything; it won’t even ignite dry paper. Just like Ghastly, Harrow can freely pass through obstacles that it simply shouldn’t, slipping through solid stone just as easily as it floats through open air. It’s hardly suprising that their haunts are particularly shunned, even when compared to a Ghastly’s. In fact, if a home in a village ends up haunted by a Harrow, it’s not uncommon for the rest of the inhabitants to pack up and leave, as destroying haunts is believed to only make the Harrow vengeful, and nobody wants that.

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