Piu-2s are a fairly radical departure from the regular Piu-Piu. Still featuring the same signature arm beams, the rounded body has been completely replaced by a more humanoid, albeit still spiky one. This new body has its own legs, but it rarely walks on them as what used to be its legs have become a sort of spider-like harness, four limbs sprouting from its back.

Overall, this has made the Piu-2 vastly more mobile than the regular Piu-Piu, able to scale steep, smooth cliffs by jabbing its powerful pointed legs into the surface or folding these long limbs up on its back and using its shirt arms to crawl into particularly cramped places. This isn’t without risk, however, as the spikes can sometimes get caught, resulting in the Piu-2 being stopped or even getting stuck.

However, if trapped in this way, it can usually free itself thanks to the powerful arm beams it retained. Hopefully, whatever it might’ve gotten caught on isn’t flammable, or that’s likely to end badly. Not for the Piu-2, of course, as such fires don’t pose much of a threat to them. Watching this spiked figure with glowing green eyes walking unbothered through the flames is an image that more than outweighs the silly sight of one of their kind getting trapped from time to time.

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