Haptorid is perhaps the ultimate counter-argument used against Haptor’s detractors whenever a conversation turns to discussing the most impressive of Nova Thera’s creatures. From its previous unsightly form emerges a stocky, strong animal with striking plates and horn-like features, a powerful creature that is fundamentally different from Haptor.

While Haptorid is still far from the most graceful of flyers, its ability sees a massive improvement compared to that of Haptor. Its more streamlined shape and powerful limbs allow it both to swim and walk on dry land with ease, all in a far more dignified manner than a Haptor ever could. Some particularly strong individuals can fly for short distances, though the effort is usually met with failure. Even so, these failures don’t appear to discourage them at all as they keep persevering, and eventually they will be able to take to the air. They’re quite inspiring in a way.

Durable and tough, Haptorids can both take a hit and dish one out. It’s almost as if they’re aware of how their capacity and ability has expanded from that of Haptor. They’re certainly rather intelligent, and while perhaps not as much as a Foxetacean, they’re able to observe and learn from the world around them to some extent, though they don’t form as complicated a relationship with humans and other Pixelmon as often.

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