Clearly the result of a Huh? having hatched, the Repteg remains mysterious because none have ever been seen in the moment of hatching. Clearly, the Repteg as it stands is too large to have fit inside the egg that originally housed Repteg, and the clumsy, almost comical nature of the latter has been supplanted by a sleek, agile creature capable of great feats of stealth.

Relaxed and laid-back in nature, they are often found chewing nonchalantly on a root or piece of straw, sporting a flowing cloak, usually in a vibrant colour, and ancient throwing knives to boot. Whenever closely inspected, these knives appear to be absolutely ancient, likely remnants of some long-gone culture. Finely made, they appear to be cared for by the Repteg, who manage to keep them in good condition despite their apparent age.

Unsurprisingly, they are far more active than they ever were in their previous, egg-bound state. As if making up for lost time, they leap and move with an air of excitement whenever they’re not just taking it easy in the boughs of a tree someplace.

Omnivorous, they use their throwing knives to bring down fruit or prey, although they never hunt near Behemoths, as if acknowledging the Behemoths presence as some sort of sanctuary. They’re not aggressive, though they will not back down if they’ve been provoked. Whenever outmatched, they’ll use their great speed and aptitude for stealth to harass their enemy until they’re either defeated or convinced that fighting the Repteg isn’t worth the effort.

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