Xyvonnas are fundamentally very similar, yet also very different to the Xyvons. They sprout a full-fledged beak and their appendages now function more like wings, which seem to help them move in a more deliberate manner than the Xyvon.

Sometimes called Flamedancers, Xyvonnas can create and shape fire at will, weaving it into intricate patterns to display their ability in style. This makes them even less ideal as house pets since it is unlikely that the house will survive for very long.

Still as naturally inquisitive as the Xyvons, they use their newfound mobility to explore places at their leisure. Tamers who remain in one place for too long may find that their Xyvonna becomes bored and perhaps even somewhat listless once it has explored everything it can find in the local area, and those tamers would be wise to move on at that point.

Behaviourally, the key differentiating point is that Xyvonnas, while still social, enjoy their own company to a greater extent, happy to remain alone for a little while every now and then. They still seek social interaction and closeness most of the time, but it’s not unheard of for a Xyvonna to grab some of its favourite things in its little clawed feet and simply spend some time on its own.

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