Goloidons are the core of Goloid comminities, with their large frames anchoring the group. These masses of stone and armour work hard to ensure the well-being of the land and their Goloid kin. When attempting to bond with a Goloid, it’s best to ensure that no Goloidon is around, as they may not take kindly to such meddling.

Even tougher and stronger than their smaller counterparts, Goloidons are also slower. Although they can reach a decent speed, most beings can outrun them. Some jest that the only thing that cannot outrun a Goloidon is sleeping Goloidon, which, of course does not exist as they do not sleep in the first place. However, not only has their sheer strength increased, but they can manipulate the energy that sustains them and use it to affect the world around them, moving entire boulders without touching them.

As the Lifetenders have a tradition of attempting to bond with Goloids, some inevitably think they will go big or go home and try to bond with the Goloidon instead. Although this has only worked a handful of times over the many, many years, the fact it did work at least once now tempts other to try their luck. Unfortunately, they do not always make it back.

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