Cheblammo may well be the manifestation of the expression “More where that came from.” Cheblammo gains little in the way of distinct new visual traits compared to Cherrybomb; it’s more as if Cherrybomb decided to up the ante.

This being said, Cheblammo isn’t completely devoid of new traits. Wreathed in a cloak and donning quite the fancy hat, its arms becoming more wood-like. Thankfully, just as with Cherrybomb, the fuse that remains lit still grows faster than it burns away. Interestingly, whenever the fuse is put out, Cheblammo is fine, and the fuse will keep on growing. But somehow, the fuse always winds up being lit again. Even when there’s no source of flame nearby, the fuse seems to spontaneously reignite itself, needing no rhyme or reason to send sparks flying once again. Just as with Cherrybomb, the approach of soaking them in water or caking them in mud helps to protect a Cheblammo from exploding, so this practice is ubiquitous among those who decide to tame a Cheblammo.

On the subject of exploding, Cheblammo can create and throw smaller bombs. These appear to be smaller, fruit-like things that are certainly spicier than your average berry.

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