Apamons exhibit perhaps the single most amazing and unbelievable transformation of all of Nova Thera’s creatures. It’s a transition unparalleled in extent and complexity that simply has no equal:

Sometimes, they stand upright.

This can lead to some hilarious moments where Apamons are waiting their turn for a drink of water from a stream or something similar, standing in line with their signature look of absolute boredom on their faces. As such, the Lifetenders like to joke that Apamon invented the idea of the queue, and that’s why it and its kin are so bored.

Aside from these amusing facts, Apamon is still a powerful being when roused into action. No one would volunteer to take a punch from one if they didn’t have to, that’s for sure. They still create jewellery from time to time, both for themselves and others, so clearly they must find some form of satisfaction in that, and possibly even social encounters. They’ve been rumoured to trade with Nethras and Nethratines for their gems from time to time, although reports of this behaviour are so scarce as to verge on myth.

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