While R7N3 is already rare, even rarer are the R7N3-Bs. Bigger, stronger, and tougher, they take on the salvaging tasks that R7N3s simply can’t handle.

While their size and power are impressive, their real party trick is their hands. The same energy that propels the R7N3s through the air, the R7N3-B can shape into hands. However, despite what one might think, these hands are actually cool to the touch and won’t burn whatever they come into contact with. Convincing someone of this is easier said than done, though, and it’s hard to blame them.

Other than the simple differences in size and strength, what truly marks R7N3-B apart from R7N3 is their form. They have longer legs that allow them to walk in a more reasonable manner, making them less reliant on flight to get around. Adding functional arms and hands means they can take apart and assemble things in a way that R7N3 simply can’t.

It’s thought that, despite their small numbers, the R7N3-Bs were responsible for the original creation of The Steelyards. They were much more effective at collecting and transporting scrap than R7N3 or most other mechanoforms. If this is true, then most mechanoforms still around today might owe their existence to materials brought in by the R7N3-Bs.

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