Brawlers truly are encapsulated by their name. Always seeking the next fight, they even adopt little personas as they go through what can best be described as their brawling career. When they come of age, a Brawler will find something to act as their stage outfit, such as a discarded paper bag or an old rug. Once they put it on they never take it off, and it is with this newfound identity that they then go out, seeking a lifetime of fighting. Usually, all that the onlookers can see are two arms and legs, with teal scales, and a pair of orange eyes peering from this makeshift mask.

Brawlers aren’t the most intelligent of [Redacted], but they make up for that with zeal and motivation. A Brawler takes on any and all comers with gusto, completely unafraid of absolutely everything. However, they often get themselves into real trouble, giving rise to the expression “There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity.”

Their diet consists largely of whatever they can punch into a fine pulp, and they’ll then shovel the resulting mess into their mouths behind the masks in an appalling display of table manners, or lack thereof. They’re unsophisticated, brutal and direct, and they never convey a pretence of anything else.

Whenever they’re not fighting or eating, a Brawler is doing one of two things - Resting before the next fight, or finding it. They’re driven, never wanting to stay in one place too long unless there’s a plentiful supply of opponents to brawl with. Not even age quenches their thirst for fighting, and they’ll keep searching for more for as long as they possibly can.

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