While Molers may have looked somewhat comical despite their obvious strength and toughness due to the stubby nature of their stature, that goes right out the window with Molebores - a hulking mass of steel with a rounded body that houses a powerful drill with blades that never seem to dull no matter how much rock it bores through.

Now walking on four robust legs rather than two very short ones, Moledrills aren’t fast runners or agile in any way, but they don’t need to be. They’re meant to dig, and that they do extremely well. When drilling their way through earth and stone, they retract their heads, protecting them from debris by hiding them inside their armour. This seems to imply that the Molebores can plan their excavations by assessing the surface once, drill for a while, make a new assessment, and then drill again.

Unsurprisingly, and much like the Molers, their line of work means that all of them have scratches, rust and dents, all more or less severe. Even so, these relentless workers won’t be discouraged and simply keep on going with the signature mechanoform tenacity.

Perhaps the weirdest feature is how they can flail their ear antennas around, sometimes in repeating patterns. It appears to be some form of signalling language, which raises more questions than it answers.

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