Wardenons are the larger and strangely lazy-looking, yet jolly, kin of the Wardens. They are bulkier, tougher, and even stronger, making them quite the force whenever they apply themselves to a task or goal.

Despite their newfound might, they still struggle with the same main shortcoming as the Wardens, that being their short legs. There’s no way of describing it kindly; their lazy waddle looks absolutely ridiculous in any situation and from any angle.

However, one would be a fool to think that this humorous lack of mobility makes harassing a Wardenon a good idea. While they’re very slow to anger, preferring to remain in their calm, content state, they have no trouble whatsoever smashing through the walls of houses or caves, and they’re surprisingly decent climbers. They might not get you right away, but they probably will get you.

With their generally easy-going disposition, this isn’t much of an issue. It takes a very persistent and particularly dumb creature to anger a Wardenon to that point.

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