Antonnes are the fortunate Antonies that have managed to survive long enough to climb the strict social hierarchy of their species. Not only do they exhibit more vicious physical traits, but they’re far more cunning than a mere Antony. They’re still not quite at the very top of the ladder yet, but every Antonne is a force to be reckoned with, each having the potential to reach the very highest rung.

Their elevated status makes them the foremen and taskforce organisers of their kind. They’ll round up however many Antonies they need to achieve whatever goal they have in their sights, whether that is to battle other creatures for resources or to expand their hives. Naturally, they ensure that the most dangerous tasks fall on the Antonies rather than themselves, as they aren’t the kind to lead from the front whenever there’s danger around.

That isn’t to say that Antonnes are somehow meek or feeble, not at all. They’re simply smart enough to know how to pick their battles and how to use the tools available to them. This cold and calculated cunning is perhaps more intimidating than their sharp blades or vicious stingers.

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