Floratopsians are even larger than the Florasaur, with overlapping plates that armour their backs, and horned heads, chests, and legs protected by similar defences. The bud of the Florasaur’s tail has reached full bloom, with elongated and powerful tails lined with a fearsome array of spikes.

Although hardly faster than their Florasaur counterparts, Floratopsians live their lives in a very similar way. They slowly peruse the local flora, feeding primarily on more substantial plants like small and medium-sized trees. However, they can certainly gorge themselves on grass or flowers if it takes their fancy.

Being heavy, big, and ponderous, they can’t really hide or sneak up on anything or anyone. As they aren’t predators, this isn’t an issue for them, and if anything, humans and other creatures likely appreciate the advance warning to make some space for this flowery beast.

It’s a good thing too, that warning, because where Florasaur was simply tough, Floratopsians can be outright lethal when riled up or threatened. Given their sheer size and toughness, only the most self-assured predator or huntsman would go after one, and even then, their success is anything but certain.

Floratopsians are more prone to being loners than the Florasaurs, but they do occasionally join into groups or form bonds in the wild with others of their kind. So, those thinking that a Florasaur might make good prey ought to carefully consider any nearby Floratopsians.

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