Grailshields are an even rarer form of Grailon, and even more heavily armoured. Their head sits low in its chestplate, far less exposed than that of its predecessor. Every limb and joint is strengthened, and their forearms are covered by vambraces that masters an unknown power. On their back, there is a great golden bulwark that gives them their name.

These vambraces are able to attach to the shield without the use of straps or any form of interlocking socket. An invisible power reaches out from the armour to pull the massively heavy shield from the Grailshield’s back, where it slams into place with a heavy metallic clang. The shield can be returned to its spot on the back in the same manner, which is handy for the Grailshield, as it lacks the range of motion to perform these actions with its actual arms and hands.

The truly remarkable thing about them is the durability of the shield. It seems to be a solid slab of the same metal that shields the Grailshield’s inner workings and is capable of withstanding horrendous physical and magical punishment. While nothing is ever truly indestructible, for all intents and purposes, the Grailshield’s iconic signature might as well be.

In Triumvian culture, Grailshields do turn up from time to time in similar roles to those that Grailon often holds. Perhaps their most famous appearance is in the song Shield Resplendent, wherein a Grailshield saves a young Wingfolk Lorekeeper from a rockslide.

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