T.R.B.Y.N. is a clear improvement over H.O.V.R. A more elegant and stable design, T.R.B.Y.N. is a superior flyer, with its four limbs granting it far greater stability and nimbleness in the air. It is able to change its course near-instantaneously, and the additional power behind its flight means it is far less likely to slam into a house when a storm tries to bat it around.

Not only that, but T.R.B.Y.N. is even more expressive than the H.O.V.R. Its eyes change shape and colour to convey all manner of emotions, it will even make hand gestures, such as waving and pointing. It is partially this expression of personality that inspired Gidlun to write his original thesis that mechanoforms are, in fact, living things. After all, nothing made by any of the tribes ever expresses itself in such a way.

While its limbs are perhaps more fragile in a way, the plating that gives it its form is just as tough as that of the H.O.V.R. This means that T.R.B.Y.N. is another incredibly durable flyer, able to take hits that would ground almost anything else, short of maybe an R7N3. However, R7N3s are even less agile flyers than a H.O.V.R., much the less a T.R.B.Y.N.

If there is one thing that T.R.B.Y.N. does not improve on, it is their noise. Even louder in flight than any H.O.V.R., it can can be heard from very far away. With the sound of its flight being so distinct, it will never blend into the background. Simply put, you will know when one is nearby and in what direction it is flying.

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