As its lack of a name suggests, no one really knows what to make of this one. Whatever it is, it wanders around in its shell, exposing only its limbs and eyes to the outside world. All that’s known about the animal inside the egg is that it has green skin and yellow eyes, that’s the extent of knowledge that humanity has gathered on that subject.

The egg itself is no less strange. The holes that allow the animal to extend its arms and legs through the egg have perfectly shaped and smooth edges, and the same is true for the openings through which a pair of oval, yellow eyes peek out. Each shell is entirely unique, some sporting cracks, others appear to have scars which suggest that the shell itself heals injuries over time. While colour variations occur, the shells are typically pale with large, coloured spots.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that these have never been found in any nest. They’re only ever found roaming the wilderness, particularly deep within [Redacted]. Sometimes they accompany Behemoths, though they don’t appear to be of the same species. No one knows what animal lays these eggs, or why the hatchlings stay within their shells.

Whenever they’re on the move it’s a slow, clumsy affair, though if they decide to lie down on their sides and roll downhill that changes from slow and clumsy to very fast and very clumsy. They appear to enjoy this though, producing a sound similar to laughter as they tumble and bounce down slopes and similar terrain. Watching one of these things attempting to go uphill is a spectacle in its own right, as whenever the poor animal falls over it rolls all the way down and has to start over again.

This has led to an interesting tradition among the [Redacted], though it’s somewhat uncommon due to the rarity of these wandering eggs. If a member of the tribe comes across one of these having trouble ascending a hill, it’s seen as a test of empathy. If the person helps the egg reach the top of the hill it’s proof of selflessly helping another for no personal gain, and if they just stand around and watch as the animal falls over, it’s seen as either being lazy or simply not caring enough to lend a hand to those who need it. That is a reputation very few want for themselves, so it’s almost unheard of. Sometimes, entire groups of people will come together just to help one of these animals up whatever hillside they’re struggling with.

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